Stannous Methane Sulphonate
Lead Methane Sulphonate
Bismuth tris(methanesulfonate)
Copper Methane Sulphonate
Fluoroboric acid
Lead(II) tetrafluoroborate
Tin(II) fluoroborate
Indium fluoroborate
Indium(III) sulfate
Methylsufonyl chloride
Methane Sulfonic Acid


Bismuth tris(methanesulfonate)Bi(CH3SO3)3

1、Molecular formula     Bi(CH3SO3)3
2、Appearance     Colorless transparent liquid
3、Property     It is soluble in water. The water solution is easy to hydrolysis and form ivory turbidity.
4、Item available   Bismuth tris(methanesulfonate) solution  Bi(3+)≥200g/L
5、Main analysis indicators  
Bi3+  ≥200g/L
Free MSA  ≤15%
SO42- ≤30ppm
cl- ≤10ppm
Fe ≤10ppm
6、Packing     Polyethylene plastic drum   25kg/barrel、30kg/barrel,or according to customer’s demands.
7、Storage      This product should be stored in cool and dry place, where is ventilation.
8、Matters need attention  This product has the properties of acidic corrosive products. It should be treated as acidic corrosive product.

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