Stannous Methane Sulphonate
Lead Methane Sulphonate
Bismuth tris(methanesulfonate)
Copper Methane Sulphonate
Fluoroboric acid
Lead(II) tetrafluoroborate
Tin(II) fluoroborate
Indium fluoroborate
Indium(III) sulfate
Methylsufonyl chloride
Methane Sulfonic Acid


Methylsufonyl chloride

Product name:methylsufonyl chloride
Molecular weight:114.5
Molecular formula:CH3SO2Cl
Quality standard:
Content         ≥99.5%
methylsufonyl chloride  ≤0.05%
Chroma         ≤20(HAZEN)
Fe           ≤5ppm
Moisture         ≤250ppm

Property: It is colorless or light yellow transparent oily liquid. It is stimulated. The melting point is -32℃. Flash point is 110℃. It is insoluble in water.
Usage: It is widely used in organic synthesis, dyestuff, pharmaceutical and other industries. It can be used as catalyst, chlorinating agent, curing agent and stabilizing agent, etc.
Packing: Net weight is 250kg plastic barrel.
Storage: This product should be stored in cool and ventilated place and avoid water.
Matters need attention: This product is acidic corrosive product. It can be reacting with water, ammonia and alkaline matter. This product is stimulated. It should be sealed when transported. Ventilation when use.    

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