Stannous Methane Sulphonate
Lead Methane Sulphonate
Bismuth tris(methanesulfonate)
Copper Methane Sulphonate
Fluoroboric acid
Lead(II) tetrafluoroborate
Tin(II) fluoroborate
Indium fluoroborate
Indium(III) sulfate
Methylsufonyl chloride
Methane Sulfonic Acid


Methane Sulfonic Acid

Executive standard:Q/XJH20-2006
1.Molecular weight 96.1
2.Appearance Colorless transparent liquid
3.Properties Dissolving in water
4.Proportion(20℃) 70% water solution Proportion: 1.340~1.360
5.Supplied product: Methane Sulfonic Acid solution CH3SO3H ≥70% (≥99%)
6.Main index: CH3SO3H ≥70% ≥99%
SO42- ≤30ppm ≤50ppm
Cl- ≤10ppm ≤10ppm
Fe ≤5ppm ≤5ppm
Pb ≤5ppm ≤5ppm
Chroma ≤10hazen ≤20 hazen
7.Packing Polyethylene plastic drum 30 kg/drum, 250kg/drum, or customized.
8.Storage Stored at cool, dry and ventilated place.
9.Notice It has the character of acid corrosive, and should be treated as acid corrosive.

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